The benefits of Juicing

You’ve been trying to eat the recommended 6 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day or whatever the latest recommended serving (I think one cup is a serving).

However, you’ve been struggling to fit these servings in your day since you eat three meals (plus two snacks) of you’re lucky.

In top if your fruits and veggies, you need to eat your protein, and we all know how protein is filling, and also some grains.

You just can’t spend your day stuffing your face since you have other important things to attend to.

So when you can’t eat this many fruits and vegetables, what do you do?

You start juicing of course!

What is Juicing?

Well, it’s the simple action of extracting the liquid from the raw fruit or vegetable using a juicer.

Glass of 100% natural juiceIn this manner, you end up with 100% natural juice from real fruits and vegetables.

Unlike the bottled or boxed juice you buy from the grocery store, your home made juice is way healthier since it contains no added sugar, no added preservatives and all the nutrients are still there.

Plus, you decide what you want to have in your juice!

You can make any fruit and/or vegetable combination and you can use a blender to make smoothies with fruits and vegetables that cannot be juiced.

All you have to do, is extract the juice from the fruit and/or the veggie you want, and add it to a blender with fruits and/or vegetables that cannot be juiced such as avocados and bananas.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Some of the benefits of juicing stem from the quality of nutrients you are getting from the quantity you are absorbing.

When juicing your fruits and vegetables, you are more than doubling the servings you are supposed to eat during the day.Breville Juicer

Also, many studies show that the quality of nutrients found in our fruits and vegetables these days is in no way comparable to 50 years ago.

One more reason to increase your natural foods intake for an optimal health.

Juicing can be a great addition to any diet really, whether you eat your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis or you’re just not a fan of the taste.

The lack of nutrients will no longer be an issue especially since you can focus on the vegetables you like less by making combinations with fruits you like to hide the taste.

Other benefits are related to how your digestive system functions.

You may or you may not be aware, your body uses high levels of energy to digest the food you eat and send the nutrients to your blood stream.

lots of fruits and vegetablesThis means that whenever you eat solid foods, your body focuses all its energy on the stomach and not the other organs.

That is why fasting for a few hours helps give the body a break and focus this energy on an other organ.

When you’re juicing your food, your body uses less energy to send the nutrients to your blood stream and so other organs benefit from this energy to rejuvinate at the same time.

Let’s talk about the benefits of detoxification.

There are fruits and vegetables that are higher in antioxidants properties compared to others and they deserve to be juiced.

Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, collard, parsley, etc… are a great example and they are definitely the most unliked because of the taste.Green juice

However, you are greatly missing out on their dark green colored goodness called Chlorophyll which is scientifically proven to detoxify your blood, heal your gut, boost your immune system and improve energy levels.

What’s more, all of this in one glass of juice! and you won’t even notice the taste if you combine leafy greens with fruits such as apples, oranges, pineapples, pears, etc.

You’ll only be adding to the benefits, so get juicing!

The last benefit I want to talk about is kids nutrition.

There are no creatures more complicated when it comes to nutrition than kids.

Some kids are so picky you wonder how they survive with so little food but the effects of an inadequate nutrition will only show in the long run.

You constantly have to play hide and seek with food and cross your fingers in the hopes that they like it.

Juicing green leafy vegetables and fruitsJuicing can be a great option for these kids since you can juice strong tasting vegetables such as spinach, kale and celery with tasty and sweet fruits such as pears, pineapples and oranges and they won’t even notice.

This way, you are getting more nutrients into their little bodies for optimal development

Make sure you are being creative when serving the juice by using an interesting cup 🙂

Interested to start juicing today?

If you want to give juicing a try, then you might want to start by getting a good juicer.

Breville best juicerThe one I use is the Breville featured in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. This is a really good quality juicer and has many settings for all types of fruits and vegetables.

You can shop on amazon for all Breville juicers.

There are so many juicing recipes to try and they are all good.

To reap as many benefits as possible from your diet, you should eat and drink your fruits and vegetables daily for an optimal health.

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have questions, please leave them in the comments box below and I will gladly respond.

Have a great day!

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  1. I have never really thought of the benefits of juicing and how it can help extract the proper nutrients from the foods we want to eat. This is a very good thing for me to know here and I feel that I should take serious advantage of it. I do not have a juicer at home so I feel I will need to make use of your recommendation. I want to know if it is all vegetables that can be juiced.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by! I’m really glad that you found this post helpful.

      There are so many types of juicers to choose from and they all do a great job juicing fruits and vegetables. Some say that slow juicers are better but I find owning one with different settings (slow and fast) is the best option out there!

      Yes, you can choose all vegetables except avocados, broccoli and cauliflower. I also found that juicing cabbage and brussel sprouts isn’t a good idea (for me anyways). They gave me bad cramps and bloating so I wouldn’t recommend. Other than that, the sky is the limit and you can so many variations depending if you’re looking to juice green vegetables, orange vegetables or red like beets. You can really get creative here.

      I hope you enjoy your juicing journey whenever you decide to give it a go 🙂


  2. Bonjour Nadia,

    I had to stop by and leave a comment after reading your article.

    The reason is that I felt a bit ashamed because I have owned a juicer 

    for awhile. 

    Earlier, I used to juice often and it seems lately that my juicer has been collecting dust 🙁

    What advice would you give to people like me ?

    Also, what is your favorite mix ? I like carrots in every I mix usually.


    1. Hi,

      Thank you for stopping by! It is never too late to pick up good habits again. I find commitment and consistency are important because we need to hold ourselves accountable if we went to change our lives. I, myself, am guilty of not sticking to my good habits and I do have days that are better than others. You can start by cleaning your juicer 🙂 and go grocery shopping with a list of vegetables and fruits you would like to try juicing.

      I have started a juicing challenge and it’s been 3 days so far. 

      I make sure to juice as many green vegetables as possible, usually 3 to 4 times a week and I do 2 to 3 days of other coloured varieties. My favourite is:

      1) Carrots, orange, lemon and ginger (only a small piece, it can very overwhelming).

      2) Beets and beet roots, carrots, orange and lemon.

      3) Kale (or collard), spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon and green apple (one is enough). If you like your juice sweet, you can add 2 apples.

      4) Parsley, zucchini, celery, cucumber and green apple. 

      I recommend you do more vegetables than fruits to lower the carbs, other than that have fun trying these recipes 🙂


  3. You are very right. As a young kid, my mum used to blend fruits and veggies together for us because she knew that it was a great way to help extract the nutrients from them. I took that for a couple of years and forgot all about it. This for me is like a reawakening that I really should go back to that. I am going to resume juicing again.

    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for stopping by! I am glad my post brought back memories from your childhood and so grateful to have been able to provide helpful information.

      Yes, do get back to juicing and let me know how your journey is going 🙂 I, myself, am doing a juicing challenge and it’s been 3 days so far. I feel great already 🙂


  4. Thanks so much for sharing as this is just the reminder I need to find the good juicer recipes again! It is so true that juicing is a great way to fit more nutrients into the diet and can be easier than even trying to get the nutrients from foods we eat alone. Do you have any favorite recipes or juice combos that would feel like they are festive and work well during the upcoming holiday season? That may be too much to ask… haha, but this seems like a great time of year to get creative!

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for you comment! I’m really glad you have found this article helpful and yes, there are so many recipes to choose from for this upcoming holiday season. For example, you can make your own apple cider by juicing your favourite kind of apples and adding cinnamon, nutmeg, etc…. It is delicious served warm!

      I’m also thinking that you can make some delicious versions of punches by juicing cranberries, strawberries, pears, pineapple, lime, lemon, oranges, cucumbers, etc. These all work great with sparkling water or club soda. 

      Hope this helps!

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