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When I had my second baby girl, I was determined to exclusively breastfeed her until at least 6 months old.

However things did not go as planned and I found myself weaning her from the breast when she was 4 months old due to unknown multiple intolerances.

I knew for sure that she was reacting to cow’s milk protein and after trying many types of formulas, including Soy-based and partially hydrolyzed, NEOCATE was our miracle solution.Neocate Infant Formula

It was like day and night. My baby girl was finally thriving!

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What is NEOCATE?

According to, it is a special formula designed for infants and young children with milk protein allergy or multiple food protein intolerances.

This formula is:

  1. Hypoallergenic meaning that it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
  2. Nutritionally complete when consumed in adequate amounts
  3. Elemental so that the body can process and digest it with ease
  4. 100% non-allergenic free amino-acids based (i.e. the smallest protein blocks)
  5. Manufactured in a Dairy-Free environment

If you’ve already tried all other formulas found in the market and your baby is still reacting to them, NEOCATE is the solution to your baby’s struggles and you may want to bring it up to your pediatrician and have them prescribe it as it is considered a last resort.

Facts about introducing NEOCATE for the first time

FormulaWhen I had to introduce NEOCATE to my baby girl for the first time, I was still breastfeeding and she was under 6 months old.

Solids were not an issue for us.

I was giving her a bottle of formula in the evening and breastfeeding for the rest of the time.

If your baby is 6 months and older, and you need to introduce NEOCATE, you might find it challenging to do so since their palates are more developed.

Here are some facts about starting NEOCATE:

Babies 6 months and under:

NEOCATE tastes bitter because of its composition and your baby will 100% reject it at first, especially if you were breastfeeding.

The best thing to do is to quit cold turkey and exclusively use NEOCATE. (Not so much fun for mom. Sorry!)

I have tried mixing pureed dates, fruits and even sweetened her bottles with honey, and it helped a bit.

You can give these a try and reduce the quantities as you go until your baby drinks it normal.

Your baby has probably been experiencing negative side effects from before NEOCATE, and so their gut will need time to heal.

During this time, they will refuse to eat and will rather sleep for the first week. It is totally normal since they are going through a detox phase and it will pass.Baby sleeping soundly

It is important to watch your baby’s formula intake to ensure they are staying hydrated.

It is recommended to offer small feedings often for 48 hours until they start drinking bigger quantities.

As your baby’s appetite grows, you will notice that they will grow fast too and their mood will change.

They become happier babies!

You will start noticing less and less symptoms once exclusively on NECOATE.

In our case, no more diarrhea, no more blood in the stools, no more screaming in pain after feedings, no more eczema, no more reflux and much better sleeping patterns.

Bowel movements frequency and consistency will change once your baby is exclusively on NEOCATE and this totally normal.

You can also check this simple guide for instant natural clock relief to help your baby sleep better and kiss your sleepless nights GOODBYE!!!

Babies 6 months and older:

You baby is already eating some solids and so, you need to keep a diary of all the food you’ve been offering since you started the solids journey.

Neocate JuniorSome pediatricians recommend stopping solids for some time and exclusively using NEOCATE to give the gut a chance to heal and get rid of the inflammation. And reintroduce solids gradually afterwards.

It is a good idea to find a certified dietician to help you plan your child’s diet and how long you’ll need to keep them on NEOCATE.

My baby girl is still drinking NEOCATE to this day (she’s 16 months old) and doing great on it.

You can discuss with your pediatrician and determine the best way to try other non-dairy milks or keep offering NEOCATE Junior after the 12 months mark.

Is NEOCATE the solution to your baby’s discomfort?

You are best positioned to determine if your baby needs NEOCATE.

This formula worked and continues to work very well for my second kiddo!

If you feel you need to start using NEOCATE, this formula can only be purchased via prescription as it is considered an exempt infant formula.

It is expensive and the price is anywhere between $50 and $65 per 400g. I recommend checking with your private insurance provider (if you have one) if they provide coverage and their requirements or discuss with your pediatrician to have it for free through your public health care system.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions/concerns regarding the NEOCATE formula, you can leave them in the comment below and I will be more than happy to respond. You can also leave your own review and I will gladly respond.

Have a great day!

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