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Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience and results from using the product for more than 6 months. I was not asked to review this product by the Organika Health Products Company. If you decide to purchase this product through my links, I may be entitled to a small commission.

Product Overview

According to the manufacturer’s website, the Organika Enhanced Collagen is 100% pure and flavourless.

Collagen-Is-A-White-PowderThe white powder is 100% hydrolyzed, meaning it is broken down into peptides which are easily absorbed by the body.

It is also made from the hides of grass-fed, pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic free American cattle.

Organika claims that their supplement contains types 1 & 3 Collagen which is the majority of the collagen made in the body and it includes amino acids (i.e. the building blocks of proteins) required to strengthen the bones, skin, hair and nails.

The Company also claims many health benefits when supplementing with their Collagen such as revitalizing, firming and smoothing the skin, strengthening hair and nails, maintaining healthy joints, supporting weight management and reducing intestinal permeability for better gut health.

Aspects of this product

One serving of the Organika Enhanced Collagen contains 9 g of proteins and can be included as part of low-carb diets such as the Ketogenic and Paleo diets, since it is unflavored (i.e. no added sugar) and contains zero carbohydrates.

This product is not suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets since it is made from animal bones.

In my opinion, it is tasteless when mixed with water although it does take some shaking to dissolve especially in cold water.

I also mix it in my tea and use it in different dessert recipes such as puddings and flan.

My favorite use of the Organika Enhanced Collagen is in smoothies as it blends super well.

Based on research, in order for your body to naturally create Collagen, you need to consume foods which contain certain vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C and E, carotenoids (found in fruits and vegetables that are yellow, orange, or red), and minerals like selenium and copper.

Hence, if your diet lacks these nutrients, you should definitely consider Collagen supplementation.

Pros and Cons of this product

#1 as with any product on the market, cost is the first thing to look at.

I always purchase this product from amazon and I haven’t found a cheaper price anywhere else.

It costs me $40 and the container lasts for at least 3 months if you use it once a day.

This comes up to $0,45 a day for something that is beneficial in the long run.

If you can find a similar product, meaning organic, non-GMO, allergen-free, antibiotic-free, sustainably sourced, grass-fed and no-artificial ingredients at the same price, then by all means, you go ahead and purchase it.

It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate Collagen supplements.

As such, it is crucial to look at the list of ingredients and the Organika Enhanced Collagen proves to be of high quality for the price it sells for.

#2 using the Organika Enhanced Collagen on a regular basis does make a difference.

Generally, we know that Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body, specifically in connective tissues of muscles, skin and joints for example.

Our body produces lots of collagen when we’re young but this production naturally declines when we hit the mid-twenties.

Hence, supplementation may help remedy this decline and help stimulate the body’s own Collagen production.

According to Organika, their enhanced Collagen contains the key amino acids glycine, lysine and proline which are responsible for revitalizing, firming and smoothing your skin.

Since I started using this product, I have noticed that my skin looks smoother and feels soft to the touch.

I no longer need to use moisturizers on a regular basis since my skin remains hydrated on its own.

It is also important to note that I drink lots of liquids throughout the day and this also contributes to my skin being hydrated.

I continue to believe that a healthy and balanced nutrition plays an important role in a healthy skin.

After all, we are what we eat and making sure you are eating a wide variety of foods will improve your skin’s appearance.

The good thing is that Collagen can naturally be found in a myriad of foods and adding Organika Enhanced Collagen to your diet will give you that certain something you were missing to improve your health.

Most individuals tend to supplement with Collagen when they notice that their skin is more dry and prone to wrinkles than usual, or they start experiencing joint and ligament pain throughout their body.

That is exactly when I decided it was time to do some research about the benefits of Collagen supplementation.

I have an extremely dry skin even though I drink plenty of liquids throughout the day.

Although low Collagen can definitely cause skin dryness and deep wrinkles as it is a major component of the skin and helps strengthen its elasticity, improvements will only be seen if collagen supplementation is combined with adequate H2O hydration.

Note that there are studies showing the benefits of supplementation with Collagen on the skin’s dryness and wrinkles.

However, I personally wouldn’t trust claims about Collagen supplements preventing acne or any other type of skin condition, as I haven’t seen a change to the occasional pimple I get from time to time!

Other benefits of supplementing with Collagen include improvement to joint pain.

Studies do show that Collagen supplementation stimulates the body to produce its own Collagen which can help reduce inflammation and promote pain relief for individuals suffering from joint disorders.

I have noticed an improvement in terms of inflammation in my joints.

I can’t confirm though which is responsible for this improvement: eliminating dairy from my diet or the Collagen supplementation.

I do believe that it is worth a try if you’ve been dealing with joint pain lately, and you still can’t find a solution; it could be that your collagen is low.

You can start supplementing with the Organika Enhanced Collagen twice a day, morning and evening and give yourself 5 months before you notice a change in your body.

Yes, that is how much time it takes for Collagen to start working!

Other possible benefits include preventing bone loss by increasing bone density, especially when combined with a calcium supplement, and stimulating muscle growth to prevent the loss of muscle mass which happens with age.

More research is required though before supplementation with Collagen can be linked to inhibiting bone breakdown which can lead to osteoporosis or boost muscle mass.

#3 we all react to products differently.

I’ve never heard of anyone having side effects from using the Organika Enhanced Collagen.

I, myself, have been using this product for at least 6 months and I have a fairly sensitive stomach due to intolerances, and I haven’t had any issues.

Although I do make sure to take it with other foods, so maybe this helps!

If you notice any reaction once you start using the Organika Enhanced Collagen, I would advise you to consult your physician and have some blood work done to rule out any issues.

I’m very cautious about products I use when I’m pregnant, and so I don’t recommend it if you are like me.

That said, protein isolates can help you meet higher needs due to disease, injury, sports, skin conditions, or appetite loss. It’s crucial to look for the following when buying a collagen supplement:

Choose ones with as few simple ingredients as possible. Collagen protein powder should just be collagen protein isolate, a.k.a. collagen hydrolysate, hydrolyzed collagen, or collagen peptides.

Skip the flavored versions. These can contain added sugars, which could upset your GI tract or just add calories where you didn’t want ’em. Go for the plain version and add a sweetener to desserts yourself.

Look for a third-party certification. Given the lack of FDA regulation, any time you’re choosing a dietary supplement, check if a credible group like the NSF, UL, or USP has tested it for safety before.

Is this product worth a try?

In my personal opinion, anything is worth a try if there is enough research to support it.

In general, Collagen supplementation is great for those who are looking to give their skin quality a boost or to decrease joint pain.

However, when you choose to use Organika’s Enhanced Collagen, you are giving your body a collagen supplement that’s high quality and made by a reputable brand.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You can leave your comments/questions below and I’ll gladly get back to you!

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  1. Thanks for this post. I was actually looking for a product like this. I’ve been having issues with my gut and you mentioned this product helps with gut health. You also mentioned it helps with joint pain which makes sense because joint pain is one of many symptoms of a compromised gut(leaky gut). Thanks again


    1. Hi Sonny,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!
      This product is indeed great if you’re having gut issues as it can help restore the lining of your intestines and may improve nutrient absorption. I would recommend you to give it a try for at least 5 months in order to start experiencing results. My joint pain has completely disappeared after using this product for 6 months with no interruption. I hope you give this product a chance and I can’t wait to hear your experience.


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